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It’s time for a series of more personal blog posts. Some sharing on my part, telling you stories about BookieBacker, my goals and what I hope you, as a reader, get out of BookieBacker.

I’ve always been a huge fan of sports betting, the sport and the science; the analytics that come with it. I literally wrote my master thesis on machine learning and sports betting, trying to prove how using a model could both beat a bookmaker and help a bookmaker. Can you imagine that I found a bookmaker in 2007 that was still using a group of five people to decide what the odds for a game should be? I know that wisdoms of crowds is a thing and I believe in it, but five people is not a crowd.

Ever since getting my master thesis I had wanted to build a tipster website, because I knew I could provide worthy tips. However, life got in the way. Who knew back then that an education in data science is a great one to have right now?

I got a demanding job, a girlfriend came along (and left but that’s not what I meant with writing personal blog posts), I got a house and my projects that don’t bring bread to the table sort of end up in the background.

The best moment to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best is right now! I always disagreed with this statement because the second best moment is obviously one day after the 20 years ago moment. However, the best moment you control is right now. I kept this in mind when starting with BookieBacker about a year ago. I did it because I wanted to do it and it was something I held off for far too long.

And mind you, having a house and a good job, this is just a project for fun and for me. BookieBacker is not a get rich quick scheme but an initiative to share my work and let other people get some return out of it. I get a kick from people asking me for alternative data sets and I love it when people want to share their own projects with me. Or people congratulating me on good results. Maybe even from people who are upset with bad results, because they expected better.

In the end, if BookieBacker makes a profit (and believe me it’s hardly self-sustainable right now), some of it is going to charity, because I just want to prove that I can do this. And I want to help others who have similar projects and interests. Profits have a better purpose, to help those less fortunate.

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