What is this site all about?

For that we would like to refer you to our Mission page.

I have a question about the matches you provided as advice, can you help me out?

Please carefully read the instructions on the page. Still have a question? Email or twitter us, we love us some good ol’ customer feedback.

So you provide a statistical approach to sports betting. Neat! Does this mean I can quit my job?

It’s best if you hear it early on. No! Of course, our foresights are very positive, higher than you can expect on the stock market. But there is a lot of variety in the results. A weekend in which you lose a big chunk of your stack is optional. That chunk may be, even in these times, higher than you losses on said stock market. Betting should be about throwing in some money, enjoying the game with added excitement, if you win some you go home happy, if you lose some you don’t end up in debt. Please check out ‘Responsible Gambling’.

A clear loss this weekend, do I sue?

Bookiebacker is an initiative from enthusiasts in the area of sports and statistics. We deliver no guarantees that our results in the past will deliver you a profit in the future. (Just like real investments). What we cannot stress out enough is; Only bet what you can afford to lose. If you get angry over a loss, your bet was too high.